The video series "Empathique" deals with traumatic experiences in the context of migration and escape. The primary goal of the video series is to provide a better understanding of mental illnesses that can arise in the context of migration and escape, as well as treatment options in Germany. In doing so, we are mainly dedicated to explaining the influencing factors, the criteria, the course and the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and comorbid mental illnesses in the context of trauma sequelae. 
I am very proud of this project and was happy to work with such a great team! This video was created in cooperation with the project ParticiPate.
Content conception:
Miriam Çelebi, Sibel Nayman, Julia Ruff, Şeyma Türk

Tim Eiden, Jan Eiden, Jack Hermes, Sina H. Daouadji, David Wulf, Frederic Zander

Arabisch: Anas Antifa, Mariam Tabel, Noura Alhasan;
Englisch: Şeyma Karakaya, Mariam Tabel;
Französisch: Rafat Esso, Şeyma Karakaya;
Kurdisch (Badini): Arwa Abdulhameed;
Persisch: Fereshta Ibrahimi, Maria Popal;
Russisch: Valeria Ruff;
Spanisch: Rafat Esso;
Türkisch: Hilal-Nur Binek, Melek Bulut, Nazlı Nayman, Muhammet Çelik, 
Urdu: Ghulam Quadir Ahmad, Abdulqadeer Butt, Asmaa-Farooq Kayani, Maya Maure
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