Selami is a famous Turkish musician of Arabic descent, singer and songwriter. In this official music video animation "Nerde Aksam Orda Sabah", I worked with the Koff Animation Studio together. The animated clip was awarded at the La Truca Festival in Colombia. I am thankful for Selami Sahin and his team and wholeheartedly congratulate the other talented creative team members! We were heavily inspired by anime introductions.
Logo & Vector Elements: Jack Hermes
Animation & Compositing: Jack Hermes & Koff Animation Studio
Concept, Art Direction & Illustration: Koff Animation Studio
Music: Lider Entertainment , Selami Şahin, Leader Şahin Emirhan Sahin , Meryem İrem Şahin , İnci Razaki 
Koff Team: Gokhan Okur, Tugce Varlica , Remzi Erdem, Alper Balkış , Ebuzer Caner, Ayışığı Gülsel , dogukan kuru , Ahmet Hüda, Berfin Güner , Damla Erbahan , Jack Hermes

My Animation: 01:12-01:14 | 01:22-01:24 | 01:26-01:29 | 01:34-02:03 | 02:35-02:38 | 02:54-03:33 |
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